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February 06, 2003

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About Homes and Lifestyles Publishing Co.

Homes & Lifestyles Publishing Co. takes readers into the homes and lifestyles of people in Atlanta, Colorado, Seattle, St. Louis and the mountain states. Sit down and relax with Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles, Colorado Homes & Lifestyles Magazine, Seattle Homes & Lifestyles, St. Louis Homes & Lifestyles and Mountain Living. We hope to become a part of your home and to enhance your home life through decorating and entertaining tips and more.

Homes & Lifestyles Publishing Co., a division of Englewood, Colo. based Wiesner Publishing, is the nation's largest publisher of regional homes-and-lifestyles titles. Keep an eye out for Homes & Lifestyles Publishing Co. to bring you additional markets in the near future.

About Wiesner Publishing

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Wiesner Publishing, LLC, thousands of miles from major publishing centers on both coasts, has pursued a mid-country niche. Established in 1982 in Littleton, Colo., the company has grown and prospered, worked out expansion problems, bought and sold titles and has ultimately emerged as a forward-looking multi-tiered publishing institution.

Today, the 20-year-old company publishes a line of regional homes and lifestyles titles and a group of business-to-business trade magazines. In addition, Wiesner runs a list services division and develops special publishing projects in niche markets.

E. Patrick Wiesner launched the company with Mobile Radio Technology and Private Cable magazines. "I was trying to make a living," says Wiesner. "The first issue of MRT carried $90,000 of ad space, and we never looked back." He later acquired Colorado Business and The Press magazines.

During the next decade, Wiesner Inc. purchased 13 magazines, initiated six, sold 10 and discontinued four. The Press, targeting the multibillion-dollar screenprinting industry, spawned Stitches, a trade publication for the commercial-embroidery industry, and ultimately, Tinta e Hilo, a Spanish-language version of both. In 1993, Wiesner sold The Press, Stitches, Tinta e Hilo, and a trade-show division for those industries to Intertec Publishing. The move launched Wiesner into its next development phase -- the homes and lifestyles market.

Wiesner bought Colorado Homes & Lifestyles Magazine, repositioning it to include Colorado's variable lifestyles. It then added Southern Homes in 1991, which was renamed Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles, and spurred the opening of an Atlanta office. Today "both (Colorado Homes & Lifestyles and Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles) are at least five times bigger than when we got them," says Wiesner.

Wiesner continued to add magazines through the '90s, including Wings West (now Mountain Pilot) and Model Railroading (Model Railroading has since been sold). In 1994, Mountain Living was launched after a special mountain edition of Colorado Homes & Lifestyles had very successful newsstand sales.

In 1995, the company acquired Healthcare Informatics and InfoCare, two publications that targeted the fast-growing healthcare computer market. A year later both titles were sold to The McGraw Hill Companies.

The homes and lifestyles branch grew again 1996 to include St. Louis Homes & Gardens (now St. Louis Homes & Lifestyles) and another start-up, Seattle Homes & Lifestyles.

Wiesner partnered with 1:1 Media, a company that sells and produces valet-ticket advertising, in 1998. It also purchased Software Magazine, an acquisition that increased annual company revenue by 70 percent.

In 2000, Wiesner Publishing started Senior Market Advisor, a magazine designed to fulfill the information needs of financial service providers involved in the over-50 market. The publication of this magazine led to the advent of Senior Market Expo, an annual conference and trade show, and the Society of Senior Market Professionals, an honor society created to offer recognition to outstanding financial advisors who serve the senior market.

Beyond traditional magazine publishing, Wiesner runs Project Publishing, a smaller division within the company focused on special, small-circulation publishing ventures, such as the handbook for Pope John Paul's 1993 Denver visit and corporate newsletters. Wiesner Publishing also has a information service division, based on a database acquired through the distribution of Senior Market Advisor.

With more than 120 employees in nine cities, Wiesner's workforce is composed of some of the top employees in their fields. From highly experienced editors to award-winning design teams, Wiesner's employees strive to produce the top products in their markets.

Everyone works with Pat Wiesner's definition of a successful magazine in mind: one that provides a service and makes a fair profit. "We have a solid company, we're making money, and we have good magazines, good management and outstanding people," says Wiesner. "We've had a lot of experience and we're looking to add more properties."

For more information on Homes & Lifestyles Publishing Company or Wiesner Publishing, contact Dan Wiesner, President, at 303-397-7600, or e-mail at

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